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The city of the truck
Honour enjoy special line:4001 025 007
Brand contact:
Pickup:139 51666 805
Light trucks:185 12533 777  185 02538 777
Heavy card:185 02516 777  185 12590 777
Traction:185 12532 777  185 12556 777
Network:185 02562 777
Contact address:
Qixia district in nanjing horses king road2Number
Qixia district in nanjing treasure zhi-hong hua logistics park5Building122
Nanjing service station:
Jiangning:Jiangning district provender ling LanXia road27Number
            Manager wang 180 6129 9991
Jiangning:Kirin door range west road1Number
            Manager zhu 159 5202 5580  
Qixia:Xianlin kechuang garden gold hit a road101-6Number
            Xu manager 181 2018 5778
Liuhe:Era of chemical industrial park avenue
            Manager zhu 159 5202 5580  
Pukou:Citigroup inc
            Cao Jingli 153 8088 7888
Jiangning:On the service station
            Manager zhang 139 5183 6183
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