Auspicious characteristics of chaos are adhering to the traditional Chinese food culture in one thousand--Geely auspicious chaos and auspicious people clever bold、Innovation breakthrough、The pursuit of quality excellence spirit together,Creating the tender skin、A big、Filling、Taste the beautiful new characteristic of chaos,In Shanghai、In the great river north and south、Scent the city,Famous at home and abroad。 Auspicious chaos focus on product research and development、The spread and promotion。Company established a small shops、Large chain business development pattern,And constantly through product innovation、Terminal innovation、Management innovation development pattern,Based in Shanghai,Set in the gradient development strategy,Implement the production distribution center tandem, management mechanism and management center。 Auspicious chaos has extended market all over the country40Multiple cities,They were welcomed by the local consumers and love。The national food and beverage brand will be along with the operation of information system,Terminal vivid embodiment,In terms of number of stores、In the aspect of enterprise scale,Constant innovation,Continuous development。 In the new round of development,Auspicious chaos will continue to deepen the benefit sharing、Risk-sharing、Casting brand、Continue to support the business philosophy,The use of modern business model of franchising,Adhere to give top priority to product quality and reputation. ... Click on the details
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Food will always be with you,Wealth is near
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