• YF-FL20NCFully automatic flange forming machine

  • 1、Speed is fast(General feed speed7150mm/Minutes,Some models can reach9Meters per minute)。
    2、Little worse。This machine is with coil strip instead of Angle steel flange production,Little worse。Especially suitable for the production of stainless steel expensive flange production of raw materials。
    3、High precision。Flange RTJ is flat and level。Precise punching precision。
    4、The operation is simple。The machine adopts digital touch screen design,Be clear at a glance,Easy to operate。
    5、Our company equipment favored by many industry companies,Have purchase our equipment。

  • Straight punching machine


  • 1、Servo motor positioning precision,Particularly suited to the punching accuracy requirement high industry,Such as display shelf production。
    2、Can be manually,Can be automatically,Can be double,Can be single wire processing。
    3、Body structure stability,Strong。The mold can free combination,Convenient tool changing。
    4、But the other tube,Rectangular tube,The circular tube,Profiles,Single punch,Isometric not equidistant punching,Rotary piercing,Push cylinder punching。
    5、Numerical control touch screen design,Easy to operate。
    6、Servo motor feeding、Stuffing,High stability,Speed is fast。
    7、Hydraulic system zero load design,Low frequency motor oil pump,Low noise。

  • Double motor variable frequency series centrifuges

  • Speed is fast,High efficiency,Can be24Hours of operation,Good adaptability,Work performance is stable,High cost performance

National high-tech enterprises、Torch plan implementation unit、Standard workshop、The international advanced production equipment、Modern enterprise management、Senior engineer team in Taiwan

Products are widely used in ships、Transportation、Building、Super exhibition stand、Storage shelves、Highway guardrail、Greenhouses fence、Ventilation pipe、Hvac engineering、Furniture、Refrigeration and air conditioning、Sports equipment、Automobile motorcycle bicycle、Leisure products、Ore dressing、Wash the sand、Paper making、Printing and dyeing、Coal washing、Pile driving、City tap water、The slaughterhouse、Dung、Renewal、Power plant desulfurization、Ceramics、Leather、Mining stone processing、Textiles、Electroplating、Pharmaceutical industry wastewater treatment and peanut soy protein powder separation、Plant oil residue slag separation、Fruit juice beverage slag separation、Wheat corn starch separation、Vinasse dehydration separation、Drilling wastewater dehydration、Calcium carbonate、pvc、Resin、Graphite、Dye、Chemical fiber、Coatings、Kaolin classification, etc。

Lanxi yongfeng machinery co., LTD


As a solid-liquid separation equipment,Strip steel flange machine automatically,The manufacturer of automatic punching machine,Lanxi yongfeng machinery focused on centrifuge,Automatic flange machine and automatic punching machine research and development and production。
The company was founded in2007Years,Technical team is made up of a group of senior automation engineer,Originated in Taiwan,Cultivate the mainland。
The series products are:Solid-liquid separation equipment-Horizontal screw centrifuge,Hvac environmental zinc plated stainless steel flange production line,Guardrail fences shelves display special pipe automatic punching machine...


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