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Shenzhen JFP technology co., LTD. Was established in love2006Years,Is the most rapid right group under development of sino-foreign joint ventures,The registered capital5050Ten thousand yuan,2016Years successfully listed on the new three board,Love of JFP subsidiary of Hong Kong、Dongguan love JFP、Deep love of JFP,The deep love of JFP's and set up joint research and development center of shenzhen university,The main research field for the intelligent driving technology application、Depth study of artificial intelligence technology;Holographic virtual technology application。Love of JFP headquarters is located in shenzhen high-tech park thunis science and technology park,Since its establishment,Has developed nearly employees200People,Number and the r&d team members keep occupy the total number of employees51%The ratio of the above,Has a strong research and development innovation ability...

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2018Hong Kong global sources spring show,Love of JFP“Light intelligence”The exhibits

Bake with love“Light intelligence”As the theme,On display a number of intelligence、Portable and breakthrough products and solutions,Well trained, both inside and outside guests。



Love of JFP joint of shenzhen university was created“Deep love of JFP intelligent driving technology research and development center”——In the intelligence and driveAI

2017Years6Month16On the afternoon,Shenzhen city“Deep love of JFP intelligent driving technology research and development center”The establishment ceremony held in violet light information port。



Love of JFP 10th anniversary—Dream Struggle with you

2016Years12Month25Day(Sunda),Love of JFP was established10Anniversary celebration and shenzhen love JFP technology co., LTD. Annual meeting,In the three intelligent building was held。This celebration is an important node in love JFP development journey,Love of JFP's chairmanFannyMs、Ms zhu-lin li,Love, general manager of JFP wear fly together、Deputy general manager yu center and some shareholders、Executives and guests from all walks of life to participate in the ceremony of profound constructive significance。



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